Sean Huze (SAG-AFTRA) – USMC Veteran, Actor, Writer, Producer

Sean Huze (SAG-AFTRA) – USMC Veteran, Actor, Writer, Producer

Screen Grab of Sean Huze Held at Gunpoint by Russell Crowe in Paul Haggis' "The Next Three Days"
Sean Huze held at gunpoint by Russell Crowe in the Paul Haggis directed crime thriller The Next Three Days

I’ve been in a few movies, worked with a few Oscar ® winners, wrote a few stage plays (one of them continues to be performed regularly), wrote a few screenplays (some were made into films), and I produced some movies you likely haven’t seen. 🙂

Instead of doing a Google search and reading all the amazing, interesting things others wrote about me, visit my blog and read all of the interesting things I write about others! Topics vary, but I mostly blog about the motion picture industry, filmmaking in Louisiana (aka “Hollywood South”), acting, writing, politics, United States Marine Corps, veterans issues, and current events. I do my best to keep it fun and always speak my mind. If you enjoy this site, you should check out my other blogs: Sandstorm Comix and Star Wars Action.  Hell, check ’em out even if you don’t enjoy this site! If you are looking for background information about me, what could be a better source than my totally unbiased biography? ;P

Sean Huze, Michael Dwyer, and Matt Damon in “G...
Sean Huze, Michael Dwyer, and Matt Damon in “Green Zone” (Photo credit: seanhuze)

If you don’t feel like reading interviews, articles, reviews, etc. of my works OR reading my musings on my blog (inner voice: “Then why the hell are you here? Seriously!”), then you must want to know more about me, but are not overly enthusiastic about it. Lucky for you, Wikipedia serves me up in yummy, bite-size morsels fit for mass consumption! 😉 Here ya’ go:

Sean Huze | Wiki

IMDb lists my current and past film/television projects:

Sean Huze | IMDb

Cover of "In the Valley of Elah [Blu-ray]...Check out this video of my work as an actor with scenes from In the Valley of Elah with Tommy Lee Jones and The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, both written and directed by Academy Award ® winner Paul Haggis. It also includes clips of my work with Matt Damon in the Paul Greengrass directed action/thriller Green Zone and scenes from the independent film Homecoming:

If your thirst for “Sean Huze life details” remains unquenched after reading my bio, the linked articles, wikipedia, IMDb and watching my demo reel, then you are probably my biggest fan… or my craziest stalker… only time will tell. You should definitely subscribe to my blog though. You will relish every juicy, sordid detail of my life that I share… or find it’s an amazing treatment for insomnia! 🙂

If you still need more, I’ve got you covered. Purchase any of the titles listed below and you can own me… well, my motion pictures on that one specific DVD for private, for home use only (legal blah blah blah legal blah blah blah). Seriously though, piracy sucks and it’s stealing… not just from the studios and distributors (which is totally wrong and abhorrent too), but also from working class crew members, writers, actors, directors, and producers. If you support an artist, rent or buy their films through legitimate vendors. Do not steal from the artists whose work you enjoy (or even those whose work you don’t!). Piracy is a serious crime that ultimately hurts all of us. Lost revenues mean less films overall get made, those in the industry that hit unemployment lines are losing homes (decreasing the home values of that neighborhood when banks do short sales or auctions), no longer contributing income tax revenue due to no/reduced income, IRAs and 401Ks decrease in value because it’s basically impossible to not have stock in a studio or one of its parent companies, etc. “So don’t be hatin’ on those creatin!”  Stealing from artists is also bad karma, so please learn about this issue and call your Representative and Senator and tell them you support anti-piracy legislation.



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